Communications API

Simple. Powerful. Advanced

Radinet provides enterprises with a fully featured SMS platform. Your technicians can use the API to send customized messages, schedule sends, and manage your sms recipients.

Radinet allows enterprises to reach users, anytime anywhere.


Connect your systems and applications to our gateway, and enable a seamless communication between your enterprise and your client base. The API is simple, to the point and most importantly, works all around the world, regardless of the language or time barriers.


Personalize your customer’s journey by improving your communication with them. Customize notifications, languages and the ability to communicate fast and around the globe through a completely programmable cloud-based API.


We made it very simple. Your business can use the programming language you already have in place. This would allow you to prototype innovations quickly, develop communications applications easily, and run your customized applications on one API-powered platform.

variety of programming languages

Our API supports a variety of programming languages, such as CURL, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and more! It is also compatible with your choice of Operating System, Windows, Linux and OS Token on either web or mobile environments.

Communicate with your customers

You can also receive SMSs and set up auto responders during times your business is on a holiday. Communications which are most intuitive and develop trust between you and your customers are the reason this API was developed in the first place.

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