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Use Radinet to send SMS messages online to single or multiple recipients, easily.

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We are veterans and have served hundreds of businesses globally.

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Our API allows your business to select the route, set the sender, select recipients and schedule your sendout seamlessly

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SMS is a powerful tool for your business to communicate. Your business does not rely on an internet connection, it does not rely on a specific software or application, you can communicate with your clients securely, effectively and without any overheads. Send SMS to your clients safely and securely, via our enterprise SMS API.


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We will provide all design layouts and pre-landing pages to help give your campaign the boost and traction it requires. The design stage is crucial to the success of your campaign, you will be provided a variety of design variants.


Our API is not just simple and state of the art, it is also agile and allows you to customize your business needs by adding custom code from other programming languages you might have used. Any language is supported, including CURL, Python, Java and more!


You’re all setup, and can now start sending customized messages to your clients. Remember, the API allows you to choose the route, the hours of sendouts, customize the language based on the region your clients are based on, etc. Good luck!

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