Radinet Plus

Asides the ability to program and utilize our intuitive, Restful API, you may also decide to use our robust platform, RadinetPlus. We made things easier for enterprises who do not want or require the overhead of an R&D department. Here is a short list of benefits that RadinetPlus Software would provide your business with:

  • Use sub accounts to provide access to different people within your organization
  • Use real time analytics, and billing of different projects
  • Deliver high performance messages
  • Send secure updates
  • Control the time, route and sender of messages
  • Improve customer service
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Why choose us

Maximize Performance
Organize Sub Accounts
Real Time Analytics
API Automation
Improve Customer Relationship
Deliver Transparent Messages
Improve Communication Protocols
Improved Security
Various System Displays
Systematic Approach

Select the package

that best suits your business:

RadinetPlus (Basic)

  • We deliver a fully featured platform:
    1. Analytics and variety of graphical options
    2. Sub accounts
    3. Various billing options
    4. Secure updates
    5. Control panel
    6. Secure sending
Your cost: 0.05 EUR per Message

API (Advanced)

  • Full API integration:
    1. Integrate via seamless API
    2. Control sendout and messages
    3. Complete back-end solution
    4. Multiple chanel
    5. Multiple language support
Your cost: First 1 Million Messages 0.05 EUR per Message Next 5 Million Messages 0.025 EUR per Message Next 5 Million Messages 0.005 EUR per Message Next 5 Million Messages 0.0025 EUR per Message Next 5 Million Messages 0.0005 EUR per Message

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