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WhatsApp Messaging API

WhatsApp Communication

The WhatsApp Business Platform with Radinet

Utilizing the WhatsApp Business Platform with Radinet, you can both send and receive messages to WhatsApp users using the familiar Radinet Messaging APIs. Immerse yourself in the Radinet SDKs and helper libraries, peruse our quickstart and API reference docs, delve into guides on templates and Radinet phone numbers, and find the sample code you'll need.

Not a developer? Check out our Whatsapp product page.

Signing Up

To use WhatsApp messaging, you'll need a WhatsApp-enabled phone number, also known as a WhatsApp Sender. Start by visiting the Messaging section of the Radinet Console and navigate to Senders > WhatsApp senders in the side menu. There, you'll encounter options to initiate the sign-up process:

- Select a phone number to register: The Self Sign-up process lets you register an existing Radinet phone number or bring your own number (BYON).

- Submit your first WhatsApp Sender: ISVs, SIs, or those registered for WhatsApp before 2022 can use the Guided Signup to "Submit a WhatsApp Sender". Note: Approval from WhatsApp may take 2-5 business days.

Once your WhatsApp Sender is approved, you can start with a WhatsApp Quickstart in your preferred language!

Get Started with the WhatsApp Business API with Radinet

We recommend beginning with the WhatsApp quickstart in your language of choice below to learn how to send and receive WhatsApp messages using the Radinet Programmable Messaging API.


Our WhatsApp Quickstart covers a common WhatsApp integration using six popular web languages and cURL. If you want to quickly explore the WhatsApp with Radinet Programmable Messaging, try the quickstart in your language:

  • Python WhatsApp Quickstart
  • C#/.NET WhatsApp Quickstart
  • PHP WhatsApp Quickstart
  • Java WhatsApp Quickstart
  • Node.js WhatsApp Quickstart
  • Ruby WhatsApp Quickstart
  • cURL WhatsApp Quickstart

Can't decide? Visit the WhatsApp Quickstart overview for a comprehensive guide!

Sending One-Way Messages and Notifications with WhatsApp

Explore the Programmable Messaging API Reference

Our API Reference offers setup tips and feature descriptions for WhatsApp, including formatting, location messages, and templates. Learn how to send messages with the Programmable Messaging Message Resource. WhatsApp messaging is a part of Radinet Programmable Messaging, so the same API calls are used for sending SMS or MMS messages.

Suggested Guides and Tutorials for One-Way Messaging with WhatsApp and Radinet

Our WhatsApp Guides provide essential information for starting with WhatsApp and Radinet, like using templates for notifications, understanding key concepts, and registering your WhatsApp Business Profile with Radinet.

Sending One-Time-Passcodes?


WhatsApp is a cost-effective channel for sending One-Time-Passcodes (OTPs) in many regions. Explore our Verify WhatsApp API for OTPs. This specialized API allows you to start sending OTPs immediately, without the usual restrictions that can make implementation challenging.

Two-Way Messaging with WhatsApp

For conversational or two-way messaging with WhatsApp, consider the Radinet Conversations API. With Radinet Conversations, you can create two-way messaging experiences across multiple channels. This means building WhatsApp-only Conversations or combined experiences with WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, and chat messages.

Suggested Guides and Tutorials for Conversational Messaging with WhatsApp and Radinet

The following guides will assist in building conversational messaging with WhatsApp and Radinet:

  • Using WhatsApp with Radinet Conversations
  • A breakdown of key concepts and terms for building with WhatsApp and Radinet
  • Connecting your WhatsApp Business Profile and your Radinet Phone Number
  • Integrate with our SDKs/helper libraries

The fastest way to integrate WhatsApp into your web app with Radinet APIs is through our Helper Libraries. These libraries support common web languages, ensuring quick and efficient implementation.

  • PHP Helper Library
  • C#/.NET Helper Library
  • Java Helper Library
  • Node.js Helper Library
  • Python Helper Library
  • Ruby Helper Library

FAQ and Best Practices for WhatsApp

Have questions about WhatsApp or its integration with Radinet? See the most common questions we receive, along with our best practices for your Radinet API for WhatsApp integration.

Radinet API for WhatsApp FAQ and Best Practices